Crown: Yas Queen

Crown: Yas Queen

This handcrafted gemstone goddess crown is filled with an assortment of Jaspers, Agates, Tiger’s Eye, and Hematite. “Yes Queen” is very earthy piece and this crystal combination provides a lot of grounding energy (root chakra balancing) which is great for building foundation in your life. 

Finished with a nickel free copper chain.

Crystal Healing

Moss Agate: Connecting with your base, sacral and throat chakras, the influence of moss agate is all about movement. Not only will it ground you in the energy of progress, but it will also imbue you with the confidence to speak your mind along the way.

Tree Agate: A healer of geopathic stress; by emitting its calming and centering energies into the environment.

Red Jasper: Helps with removing any energy blockages with your chakras. Brings energy stamina and determination. Also boost sexuality.

Fancy Jasper: Promotes balance and alignment strength, courage, and determination.

Hematite: A very Grounding stone. This stone promotes being balanced, calm, centered, and eliminates negativity.

Tiger’s Eye: Protective stone. Helps focus the mind. Aids in solving problems and decreasing anxiety & stress.